Customer Support Agreement

Customer Support Agreement

Integrato will provide all forms of support services in accordance with the terms of this Customer Support Agreement which is incorporated into and governed by the IPaaS Services Agreement entered into between Integrato & the Client.

Support Methods

Integrato provides our clients through various means under this Support Agreement.

  • Help Docs and Knowledge Base
  • API Management Process
  • Email Support
  • Website Support Ticketing Site
  • Online Tutorials & Webinars
  • Online Developer Guides
Case Level Priorities

Integrato has defined Case level priorities for each support ticket based on the

Technical importance of the same.

  • P1 – One of more features are impacted which results in unusable service in the production environment. No workaround available
  • P2 – One or more flaws in the service resulting in a severe impact for most of the users
  • P3 – The service feature is not affecting production operations but not operating as intended
  • P4 – A service feature improvement request
Target Fix, Workaround, Escalation & Response Times 

Initial Response & Acknowledgement Time 

  • P1 – 1 hour
  • P2 – 2 hours
  • P3 – 1 Business day
  • P4 – 3 Business days
Targeted Fix Date or Workaround
  • P1 – 48 hours
  • P2 – 5 Business days
  • P3 – Future Release
  • P4 – Integrato's own discretion
General Support Hours 
If a customer encounters an issue that falls under the P1 priority, Integrato team will immediately commence resolution for the same at the start of business hours.

However, for our super-premium clients we will provide support round the clock.

Requisition of Tech Support

Upon raising a support request,

Integrato will need the following information to offer a quick and effective resolution

  1. Categorize the issue (general question, defect, enhancement request, etc.).
  2. The business impact of the issue & suggest the priority of the same.
  3. A detailed description of the issue faced along with expected results
  4. If applicable
    • a. Error Message
    • b. Request ID
    • c. Instance ID
    • d. Account ID
  5. Steps to duplicate the issue faced along with relevant data. Either a video or a list of steps.
  6. Which environment does the issue occur in?
  7. How was the issue discovered and when did it begin?

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