Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Integrato come with a trial period?

    Yes, Integrato offers a trial period for a duration of 14 days along with an end to end support. This includes a free set up, product demo & round the clock support. Following which, there's a subscription charged based on a pay as you grow model.
  • Do I need to add my card in order to get a free trial?

    Absolutely not. We will not be needing any of your billing details during your trial period. Should you wish to continue, we will require your billing details.
  • Do you have permissions for control various access levels for various kinds of users?

    Integrato has two portal. An Admin Portal for the marketplace owner and a Developer Portal for development organisations. Both portals have various levels of access control to manage their individual team members to ensure they only have the needed level of access.
  • How many Apps can be listed on your App Marketplace?

    There are no restrictions to the number of applications users can list on your marketplace after going through the App review & approval process. However, as an owner, you will have rights to remove an app at any point of time. You can also suspend existing apps & ban users from submitting apps.
  • How frequently do you add new features?

    Integrato aims to be the best App Marketplace solution for all SaaS sellers. It is imperative that we optimize product based on the latest trends. Owing to this, we launch new features every month. Look out for our update logs & our newsletters for more details.
  • What kind of support do you provide?

    DisConnect provides round the clock near real-time support via live chat, screen sharing sessions & scheduled meetings. We value our customers highly & provide them with a quick resolution.

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